As a junior college player, the same challenges are present when wanting to move on and play at the four-year level as the ones you face coming out of high school. You must promote yourself to four-year schools!

Just because you play at a “well known” junior college program does not mean a four-year school is going to be familiar enough with you as a player and person to make you an offer. I will make the same guarantee as I make with a high school player: A college CANNOT recruit you if they don’t know who you are.

Your junior college coach will do everything within his power to help you. However, it is not his job. He does not have time nor is he paid to handle the recruiting efforts of all of his sophomore players.

There are 1,149 universities and four-year colleges that offer baseball opportunities. You should consider getting some professional assistance in promoting yourself to those schools should you truly want to continue your career in college baseball.