Brennan Brogni – 2017 – Illinois Springfield

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The landscape of next level recruitment has certainly changed from 30 years ago. Further, playing college baseball – at any level – is far more difficult to achieve now than ever for a variety of reasons. Today, the player not only has to market themselves, they have to do so confidently, in an articulate form, and across a broader scope of schools. That’s where Mike Orchard and CBA come in. They provide consultation about a player’s ability, what level they could play in college, the who, what & how of communicating with colleges and much more. We are grateful for how they educated us on the process, gave us their commitments during the process, but also had commitments from us.

If you and/or your player commit to the process, Mike and his team will do their part. We saw how Mike was an advocate for Brennan and treated him like an individual, and not just another client. Not only that, he treated our son with respect, responded immediately and also provided advice on offers, what to ask, etc. What they do goes well beyond a video and a bunch of e-mail addresses. We are definitely grateful to Mike for making this a wonderful experience and for simplifying what otherwise can be a daunting process. We would highly recommend CBA and Mike Orchard for your peace of mind!!

Brady & Veronica Brogni

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