Cole Westerlund – 2018

Using CBA proved to be very helpful in the recruiting process. We worked with Mike Orchard and we found him to be straight forward, honest and to the point. The baseball recruiting process for can be a daunting task, but with the help of Mike and his team, the navigation was easier. You must be realistic from the beginning and approach the process with an open mind and a large net. Its important to stay consistent in your approach and follow the guidelines that CBA has established and set up from the beginning. Finding a baseball program that fits your son academically and well as athletically is similar to searching for a job; sometimes have to go on many interviews to find the match.

One recommendation that I can give parents out that are beginning this process, is to try and have your son / family narrow the search to an area of the country or a few states. Although the net is wide, it will allow to plan and coordinate visits with schools that are relatively close together in a short amount of time. Getting on campus is important. There has to be a feeling of belonging and your baseball player will feel it immediately.

For families that have a college bound son that wants to play at the next level, CBA is definitely a resource that I would recommend.


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