Jacob Goudzwaard – 2018 – MacMurray

I would like to say how much we appreciate your help and the CBA company. My son is an above average player with really good grades. We actually had so many coaches talking to us we were severely overwhelmed. Pretty much everything you said would happen did happen. You helped us along the way either by email, phone, or text as well as some timely placed CBA emails covering what we were going through or going to call you about. My son had so many offers he got to actually pick his school (even though Don said “the school picks you, you don’t pick the school”). We heard from a lot of schools we never heard of and some we did. It was initially a lot of hard work. Be prepared, stay in contact with the coaches and BE ORGANIZED because if you don’t you will get lost. My son got interest from D2, D3, and NAIA schools. Academic and athletic scholarships from $11,000-$30,000 offers. Baseball powerhouses to .500 teams and everything in between. Thank you very much it was worth it! Thanks Mike, Don, and Jamie!!!

Mike, Jen, Jake Goudzwaard

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