Matt Mendibles – 2018 – Yavapai College

“Our son was contacted by College Baseball Advisors his junior year in high school. At the time we were already in the recruiting process or at least we thought we were, so we were a little hesitant of the need. Matt had already been in contact with quite a few colleges at the time and had a some offers. Also there were a few other reasons for our hesitation: my wife was a Varsity softball head coach and I was her assistant, we had already gone through this same process with our daughter (using another site), along with both of us being former-DI baseball and softball players; so we thought we had the recruiting process covered. That was until we sat down and spoke to Don and Mike.

Don and Mike came into our home and spoke to Matt. They explained to him what being recruited by a college coach was all about, every single detail. They spoke about grades, emails, how to speak to a coach, what a coach looks for on and off the field. Yes, some of the same things they spoke about were things his mom and me already told him. But now Matt was listening, really listening. That right there sold us. Not only do College Baseball Advisors offer a program that gave Matt opportunity after opportunity with colleges we weren’t aware of. They showed him to handle the process. Mike has always been there for Matt when Matt has questions or needs guidance. The support that Matt continues to get from Mike is something that we feel is priceless!”


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