Nick Wilkins – Colorado School of Mines

We have been working with Mike Orchard and the staff at CBA for the past 12 months. The results are that my son will go to an excellent engineering school and be able to play DII baseball. Our introduction to CBA was through a friend that worked with them. We started last January by driving from So Cal to AZ for them to film my son for use in the video portion of the profile. At that session they evaluated him and suggested focusing on DII and DIII schools (which we agree with).
We put the profile together with the help and guidance of the CBA staff. We developed a good list of engineering schools cross referenced with DII and DIII baseball. With the guidance of Mike we attending the right events (such as HeadFirst camps and the AZ Classic). Through this process my son had 3 very good opportunities. It is not a straight path and no one has all the answers (ask the college coaches at the events). But Mike and CBA gave us great guidance, assisted with talking to coaches and helped us get in the right situations.
We sincerely appreciate all of the effort they made for us. And are looking to moving into college ball after his senior season in high school. Thank you.


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