Riley Gowens – 2018 – Illinois

College Baseball Advisors was one of the most helpful resources I used during the recruiting process. Before I bought into their organization I had 5 or 6 mid major offers but wasn’t getting that exposure I wanted to play at some of the top baseball schools in the country that I felt I could compete with. I put in the time and work to build a relationship with Mike Orchard and bought into the process. I sent out 200 plus emails to division 1 college coaches with a lot of help from CBA. I attached my account with CBA and got response after response and it was finally the exposure I wanted. They helped me reach out to schools in the Big 10, Big 12, Big West, SEC, and ACC. I ended up committing to the University of Illinois. Without help from CBA, I never would’ve been able to gain attention from the university. After the recruiting process picked up I realized all it takes is to get your name out there to a college and give them an opportunity to see you play and as a player you handle the rest, but CBA put me in the best positions possible to continue playing baseball in college and I recommend them to anyone targeting college baseball all the way from Junior College to the division 1 level. It was a great experience working with Mike Orchard and College Baseball Advisors as a whole!

Riley Gowens


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